AOS 452 - The Frontal Cyclone

Occluded Cyclone Synoptic Meteorology Course Information
Instructor: Dr. Jonathan Martin
Office: 1425 AO&SS
E-mail: jemarti1"at"

Teaching assistant: Maria Madsen
Office: 1421 AO&SS
Phone: N/A
E-mail: mmmadsen"at"

Lecture: Tu and Th 1:20-2:10 PM
Lab: Tu and Th 2:30-4:30 PM

Lecture syllabus
Laboratory syllabus
Major assignment calendar
List of class concepts *updated 11/10*
Things to think about for readings
Map discussion schedule
Tips for map discussions
Student lab pages
Extra credit opportunity
Ind. case study projects
Ind. case study instructions
Individ. case study presentation schedule

What is on the AOS 452 webpage?
Lab Page AOS 452 lab handouts, homework, and questions page.
Readings AOS 452 class readings/papers for homework and lab.
Computing Help with GEMPAK, GARP, basic UNIX commands for class...
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