Example Exam Questions

1) Which of the following will NOT result in fog formation?

(a) Wind blowing uphill
(b) Radiational cooling on a long Autumn night
(c) Air sinking
(d) Moving moist air over a snow-covered surface

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2) Which of the following results in the atmosphere becoming more stable?

(a) Cooling of the surface at night
(b) Radiational heating during the day
(c) Moving cold air over a warm lake
(d) Cooling the upper atmosphere (500 mb)

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3) Which statment is true?

(a) Parcels return to their original position in an unstable atmosphere
(b) At the same pressure, cold air is denser than warm air
(c) Radiation fog forms first on mountain tops
(d) Rising parcels cool because of evaporation

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4) An essential factor in the production of clouds and precipitation in the atmosphere is

(a) cold temperatures.
(b) radiative equilibrium.
(c) rising air.
(d) sublimation.

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There will be 30 questions on the exam and they will be very much like these three. Good luck.